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Alpine lakes, famous hiking trails, old railroad tunnels, Monte Cristo, Ice Caves, and more; let us be base camp for your Mountain Loop adventure!

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Alpaca Socks, blankets made from 100% alpaca, hats made with handspun yarn directly from our own animals... these are just a few of the products we sell. Looking for raw fiber or rovings? Call us about this year's stock!
If you've never owned anything alpaca, then let our famed socks change your life! You can take these socks on any adventure and have warm feet; even under wet conditions! Know a fisher or hiker? These are the folks that really love our socks!
We also have fiber that is included in the Alpaca Blanket Project through the famous Pendleton Mill. Try one of our super soft 100% alpaca scarves or our extra cozy motor robe blankets.
From each year's shearing, we make our coveted "Name Series" hats with yarns right from the individual alpaca that grew the fiber! We shear them, we mill the yarns, and we knit the hats. Our stock is always changing, so email us for the latest pictures of what's available. Come visit us and design your own hat and pick a favorite alpaca to have it made from.
Occasionally, we also offer "Hat Shares" for new yearlings whose baby soft fiber make 1st Edition hats. Ask us for more information on our "Hat Share Program" that also helps fund our animals.

About Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber incorporates the finest features of the world’s natural fibers.


The fine alpaca hair and its hollow insulating core give alpaca fiber a smooth, velvety hand and cloudlike-softness. 


Alpaca fiber is found naturally in 22 distinctive colors and can also be dyed and blended to produce an infinite array of colors and textures. 


Alpaca fiber has a natural, rich luster that gives garments high visual appeal.  It is warmer, lighter, stronger and more durable than wool. Also, it is naturally fire retardant.  Alpaca fiber is softer than cashmere…pure luxury!


The fiber has no lanolin (oils) that help make it hypo-allergic for folks with reactions to other wool / blend products.


Hands down alpaca makes the best sock for the active outdoors!  They will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool and dry in the summer.  Sweaty feet after a long hike?  Take off those damp cotton socks and replace them with our extreme alpaca hiker sock.  Your feet will be nice and dry as the alpaca fibers naturally whisk away all moisture from your tootsies!  While other hikers will be hanging their wet socks to dry by the campfire, you’ll be snuggled in natural softness.

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We'll happily ship to the United States and Canada.  To keep our costs contained we only accept order requests online via email.  You can email or phone your credit card information to us for purchase of any items.  Shipping fees range from $5.00 to $20.00 depending upon package size and destination.